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Updating multiple plot windows

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Updating multiple plot windows
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 16:19:22 -0700
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After getting octave-2.1.64 and octave-forge working, I tried it out on a
"freeware" MATLAB script that uses 3-D matrices. I found that, with some
minor editing, it works well. Most changes were related to the recognition
of "end" as the last index of a vector. The ends were buried within min()
and max() functions inside the vector indexing. Tricky. Anyway the script
now finishes with the correct answers, after I replaced those ends with
variable names that represented the last index values.

My question: 

For visualizing the process, the script keeps three separate figure windows
open, each with separate subplot windows, and updates the windows
periodically. It may update a subplot in figure(1) then update a subplot in
figure(3), then figure(2), etc., keeping all figures open for viewing the
process. Octave/gnuplot keeps erasing the windows, so I only see each
updated figure briefly as it occurs. Apparently, what is needed is a way to
go to a figure and subplot without using the figure() command to reopen the

Can anyone think of a simple workaround to make gnuplot hold onto subplots
until they are erased by another plot to the same subplot window?

My guess is that because of the octave/gnuplot interface, such things are
difficult to accomplish. Correct?


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