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octave forgot the default type

From: mavram
Subject: octave forgot the default type
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 15:15:51 +0200
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I wish to report about some strange behaviour of octave/linux, in the hope that
someone can give me a clue.
All of a sudden, the image functionbegan to misbehave. First I noticed
that, after displaying the image with ImageMagick, it redisplayed it
with xv. I reported that in a previous letter.
Following Muthu's suggestion I checked the return value of display and
found it to point to an error. 
Although I did not understand why that had changed, I replaced the
package with another version and that seemed to solve the problem.
As a further check, I returned to some old data, and then it became
obvious that the displays did not make sense.
Digging further, I found out that the culprit was the fread fonction:
When invoked as fread(fid, [ncols,Inf], "uint16") it did not assume the
machine default type, as before. The values in the array were correct 
only when I invoke it as fread(fid, [ncols,Inf], "uint16",  0 ,"ieee-be").
I got this behaviour on two machines, at work and at home. I mention this 
only to rule out a hardware problem. Otherwise it is not very
surprising: Both run the same version of debian and of octave and
whenever I install or upgrade new packages, I try to keem them in sinc.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Avraham

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