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image function

From: mavram
Subject: image function
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 21:06:18 +0200
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Dear friends,
Before trying to submit a bug report, I wish to know if the problem is
particular to my system, or has maybe a well-known work around.
It is about the image.m file.
Quoting from the file:
"## Start the viewer.  Try display, xv, then xloadimage."
and then the command that implements it:
system (sprintf ("( %s || %s || %s && %s ) > /dev/null 2>&1 &",
                   im_display, xv, xloadimage, rm));

Now I happen to have in my system both display and xv. 
When I give the image command, the system dutifully executes the display
command. But when I exit display I get another image, created this time
by xv.

It is, of course very easy to avoid this annoyance by removing all
references to xv in the m file, but I guess there should be a better

Thanks for any suggestion, Avraham

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