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plotting to a .ps file

From: Christian T. Steigies
Subject: plotting to a .ps file
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 23:05:18 +0200
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I have problems to convince octave to plot it's output to a file. This used
to work with replot, or with Dirk's replotps, which uses replot itself. 

These lines, nearly a copy of the htmldocs, make it fail on my boxes:

gset term postscript
gset output ""

The postscript output appears in my terminal after the first gset command,
some more after the second. When I capture this output, this looks like the
ps file is supposed to be. The ps file sometimes contains valid ps code, but
sometimes it is just a big file filled with zeros (ASCII zeros, so not
readable by less and friends). There might be a difference wether I pass the
m file to octave on the command line, or I start octave first. Or even when
I start it inside emacs with ess. But probably I am just doing a stupid
mistake and I can not see what is wrong, any ideas, corrections? I do not
want to see the ps code in my terminal, I just want to see it in the file.
And I want to see it all after I call replot, I could get some output with
just one plot command, but the output from later plot commands is lost. This
is a little difficult to describe, it does not seem very consistent, but I
think this behaviour does not match the docs, so one of those two should be

This is on debian sarge i386 with octave 2.1.60-1 and gnuplot 4.0.0-2.


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