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Re: Running octave 2.1.50 binary for Windows on Windows XP

From: Robert A. Macy
Subject: Re: Running octave 2.1.50 binary for Windows on Windows XP
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 20:10:28 -0700

Well GOOD NEWS! ...octave-2.1.15a-inst.exe 
installed and runs very well far, I don't trust any of the Windows environment.

A few quirks...

To "move" around the disk I had to use a sequence of
directory changes, instead of my usual single line.  

I placed a script file, called cdwork.m, in the octave
files to quickly jump to my workspace.  You can see where
each line changes the directory one step.  It works.  

for example,

cd \\
<note the double back slash>

cd "Documents and Settings"
<note the quotes when there's a space character in there>

cd Robert
<note no need for quotes on a simple directory>

cd "My Documents"
<again the space character required quotes>

directry="My Documents"
<just a note to myself as to where I am>

I wish I could completely move to Linux, or such.  But I
feel computer illiterate as I try to follow all the stuff
going on.  

           - Robert -

On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 18:52:39 -0700
 Paul Laub <address@hidden> wrote:
> Robert, 
> I use Octave in a Windows system too, but Windows 2000,
> not XP. I am
> interested in hearing about your experiences.
> Though it is a lot more work and hassle, I am coming
> around to believe
> that building Octave from the source files in the way to
> go. You end
> up with a better sense of how the Octave environment
> works. The
> precompiled binaries, like the one you mention, have lots
> of
> unanswered questions. How was it built and with what
> options? Did any
> tests in the test set fail? I wonder about that as I use
> the 2.1.42
> binary distribution.
> John Eaton has written a file called README.Windows that
> goes step by
> step through the procedure. The necessary development
> environment is
> downloaded from for free. It's about 75 megs.
> Building the Octave Forge extensions, however, is a total
> mystery to
> me -- I spent two entire days at work last week doing
> that (trying
> to), only to end up with more questions than answers. And
> I have done
> a lot of software development too.
>  I think I am going to stick with my own build of 2.1.57
> for Windows
> and add any extensions later, if and when I need them.
> Paul Laub 
> On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 12:43:00 -0700, Robert A. Macy
> <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Feel stupid to ask, but does octave 2.1.50 binary for
> > Windows...
> >     octave-2.1.50a-inst.exe
> > run on Windows XP?
> > 
> > I'm sorry but couldn't find any comments on such.
> > 
> > The binary runs *very* well on Windows98 2nd ed
> > 
> > It's just that I've been forced to use a WindowsXP
> system
> > (molasses compared to the 98 system)and now I need to
> do a
> > small bit of octave on the XP system.
> > 
> > Any "horror" stories?  Or, accolades?
> > 
> >                - Robert -
> > 

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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