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quirk of line editor

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: quirk of line editor
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 09:17:45 -0400

On  6-Oct-2004, robert Macy <address@hidden> wrote:

| When running binary octave 2.1.57 on Windows98 and in an
| interactive mode doing programming step by step.  I
| sometimes forget and instead of using the single arrow key
| entries to move to the left to change an historical line I
| use the ctrl arrow key in an attempt to jump to the first
| character of a function, variable, whatever ONLY TO HAVE
| I know it's my fault for asking for something that it can't
| do,

No, if Octave crashes with a segfault for any reason, it is a bug.
Please read to see what you can do to
report this problem in a way that might lead to someone being able to
fix it.  From your information above, I cannot reproduce this problem
on an x86 system running Debian.  CTRL + an arrow key works the same
as an arrow key alone.  But maybe someone who uses Windows will be
able to debug the problem if you provide a complete report.

| but after accumulating some hard fought for variables
| and just ready to try that "one more test", it's really
| irritating to bomb octave out of existance and have to
| start all over.

If Octave crashes, it should attempt to save the current workspace in
a file called octave-core, and you should be able to reload the
contents of that file when you start a new session.


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