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Problem with resetting title in a loop with postscript output

From: Joachim Geiger
Subject: Problem with resetting title in a loop with postscript output
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 02:47:23 -0500
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I am encountering a problem with the gnuplot interface (maybe) when
I try to reset the title in a loop to update is for the next plot.
It works fine when the output is on the screen. In the example below
4 pictures are coming up (don't forget to press return to continue).
But, if you uncomment the gset command to put the output in the
postscript file, you get actually 7 pictures in the following
1.  first title first plot
2.  second title first plot
3.  second title second plot
4.  third title second plot
and so on. It seems that whenever I execute the gset command an automatic
replot command is also issued. Does anyone no how to avoid this?
I my actual problem I am expecting around 92 plots and I don't want
to go through them and throw out every second plot by hand.

Hope for help,
best regards,

Following is the example:

#gset output "";
#gset term post color solid;
for i=1:1:2
titlestring=strcat("Do plot 1 in cycle ",int2str(i));
eval( sprintf('gset title "%s"',titlestring));
gplot data u 1:2;
titlestring=strcat("Do plot 2 in cycle ",int2str(i));
eval( sprintf('gset title "%s"',titlestring));
gplot data u 1:3;

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