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RE: DLL Remap Issue under Cygwin - Workaround found

From: Phillips, James R
Subject: RE: DLL Remap Issue under Cygwin - Workaround found
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 12:53:48 -0500

I found a workaround for the DLL remap issue under cygwin.  The remap error 
message identifies a specific dynamically
loaded library - find.oct - which cannot be remapped.  I was calling my own 
dynamically loaded library (call it
myown.oct) from inside an m-file, and some investigation revealed that other 
string functions used in the m-file were
invoking find.oct.

The workaround I found was to put a dummy invocation of find into the m-file 
above the invocation of myown.oct .  As
long as find.oct is invoked before myown.oct is invoked, there is no remapping 
error upon return of the m-file.

Why is this so?  I don't know...maybe some obscure issue with the way cygwin 
implements dll's?  Anyway, perhaps this
workaround may aid someone else.

Jim Phillips

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