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Re: eps output problem

From: Andrey Romanenko
Subject: Re: eps output problem
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 13:19:27 +0100 (WEST)


> I'm having a problem with more than one plot on the same set of axes.
> Recreated as follows:
> contains the files
> This produces an output spect.eps, which only contains one line of plot.  It
> should however contain two - and what's more, if you edit problem.m so that
> the plotting is done to screen, it works fine.

Don't know what version of octave you're running, but just in case, put
"automatic_replot=0;" at the begining of the file.

Since the screen terminal works, you can go around the problem by
ploting onto the screen, changing the terminal to ps, choosing a file,
and doing a "replot". I tried it and it worked for me.


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