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Data structures in Octave

From: Sue Stones
Subject: Data structures in Octave
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 22:30:47 +1000
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The documentation seems to be virtually absent on this area, execept to maybe 
imply that these things exist.  So I will have to ask here again.  (I assume  
that there is a limited resorces to produce documentation)

I am looking for a way to associate a vector with a scalar.  eg to associate 
p8 = [4; 2];  t8 = 1.  I need to loop through a list of these pairs and do 
some calculation on the vectors and compare the outcome to the relavant 
scalar.  I am thinking that some data structure  that combined the two 
elements in to a set, and then someway of looping through the sets.  

Is there a way of forming these sorts of "unions"?  Or is there some other way 
of dealing with the problem in Octave?

To loop through the full set of pairs do i need to include all the pairs in 
some over arching data structure?


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