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contourc function available

From: Victor Munoz
Subject: contourc function available
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 19:31:38 +0900
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A few days ago a question was posted on this list regarding contourc
compatible functions available under GPL

I mentioned I was working on deriving such a function from the PLPlot
contour routine. The code is ready now. I defined a function
which takes vectors x,y and an array Z, representing a function f(x,y) over
a grid, so that

Z(i,j) = f(x(j),y(i)).

It returns a 2 column matrix, following the format of Matlab's contourc.

I coded this in C++ rather than the original C of PLPlot. Just to harmonize
with my own use, I used Blitz++ Array's to hold the data and decided to
output a transposed version of contourc instead of contourc itself.
Currently, instead of calling Octave's contour.m, I'm calling my
contour_vm.m, which in turns calls the C++ executable containing the
cl_cont() function, and then takes the output and plots the contours with
line(). Very pedestrian, but it's enough for me now. However, I wanted to
know if there is any interest in having something like this better
integrated with Octave (my personal preference). I don't know enough about
Octave internals to do it myself, but if it looks like a good approach, then
probably with help from others it could be done. 



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