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Re: How to keep print compatiable with MATLAB

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: How to keep print compatiable with MATLAB
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 10:48:04 +0200
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According to Jianhong Wang <address@hidden> (on 05/12/04):
> 1. Is it possible to write one sentence of code to to
> change dir 
> insteading if using micro define?

Write a script cd.m that is in your path for octave, but not matlab,
that contains something like

function cd (path)

  ## Find first : in path
  idx = index (path, ":");

  ## Create valid path for cygwin
  dir = strcat ("/cygdrive/", path(1:idx-1), path(3:end));

  ## Change directory
  eval (["cd ", dir]);

> 3. Is it possible to use legend( ) in Octave to show
> multiple legends 
> like MATLAB?

What do you mean?

x = [1:0.1:10];
y = sin(x);
z = cos(x);
hold on;
legend ('Sin', 'Cos');

works fine in both matlab and octave....


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