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Re: How to keep print compatiable with MATLAB

From: Jianhong Wang
Subject: Re: How to keep print compatiable with MATLAB
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 19:00:26 -0700 (PDT)


Thanks a lot for all of your answers. I have some
further questions

if exist('OCTAVE_VERSION')
    cd /cygdrive/f/project/octave
    cd f:/project/octave

y = sin(x);
z = cos(x);

plot(x, y, ";sin;", x, z, ";cos;");

close all;

Among a simple code above,

1. Is it possible to write one sentence of code to to
change dir 
insteading if using micro define?

2. When using octave-forge to print plot to a png
file, it is extreamely 
slow. If using  the code below, it is very fast.
However octave-forge is 
good to keep MATLAB/Octave compatibility. Is there any
way to make the 
printing faster and still not using micro define?

gset terminal windows
plot(x, y, ";sin;", x, z, ";cos;");

gset terminal png
gset output "sincos.png"

3. Is it possible to use legend( ) in Octave to show
multiple legends 
like MATLAB?


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