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imread - Bug

From: Marcelo Bacher
Subject: imread - Bug
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 10:43:38 -0500

Hi !

I am trying to read an bmp file but I receive this error message each time:

>>m = imread('testimage01.bmp')
error: could not read file: D:/GNUOCT~1/tmp/oct-610ac0f0.0
error: evaluating if command near line 178, column 4
error: called from `imread' in file `/usr/share/octave/2.1.42/m/image/imread.m'
error: evaluating assignment expression near line 2, column 3

I have tested with:
>>m = imread("testimage01.bmp")
>>m = imread("testimage01.bmp", "bmp")

but I still receive the same error message.

I have this version: GNU Octave, version 2.1.42 (i686-pc-cygwin). and the 
plattform is a Windows XP. People hier have no problems with it, but I do on my 

I hope to hear from you soon.


Marcelo Bacher
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