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Re: backward ODE solving

From: Ben Diedrich
Subject: Re: backward ODE solving
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 17:16:36 -0400

"John W. Eaton" wrote:

> OK.
> The Fortran versions of both lsode and dassl/daspk will allow you to
> request that they return intermediate output points.  Octave's
> interfaces to these subroutines do not have this feature yet, but it
> would probably be fairly easy to add.  If someone is interested in
> working on this project, let me know.  I can give you some pointers
> about where to start.
> Thanks,
> jwe

Until then, I got my gradient optimization function to work with 'lsode'. I 
another input that specifies the number of time steps to sample. Then, I use
linspace to define the time vector for lsode. I think this will work for most



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