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backward ODE solving

From: Ben Diedrich
Subject: backward ODE solving
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 11:46:19 -0400


I am trying to translate some Matlab code to Octave that uses backward
integration. It uses the 'ode23' function, and passes a 'tspan' variable
where tspan(1) > tspan(2). ode23 has been coded under the assumption
that tspan(1) < tspan(2). Before I try editing ode23 to allow reverse
time ode solving, has anybody already done this with one of the ode
solvers? I haven't tried 'lsode' yet, but I'd prefer to use a solver
that calculates the output time vector, instead of requiring one ahead
of time as lsode does.


Ben Diedrich

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