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Re: How to keep print compatiable with MATLAB

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Re: How to keep print compatiable with MATLAB
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 21:57:45 -0600
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on 4/25/04 9:02 PM, David Bateman at address@hidden wrote:

> According to Etienne Grossmann <address@hidden> (on 04/25/04):
>>   Hello,
>> what about sthing like:
>>   if exist ("octave_config_info")
>>     ## Octave code
>>   else
>>     ## Matlab code
>>   end
> I prefer to test for OCTAVE_VERSION, but hey. You might need to also
> use "eval" of functions that exist in Octave and not matlab and
> vis-a-versa to avoid parse errors. For instance your example would
> become
> if exist ("octave_config_info")
> %plot frequency response
> N = 16634;
> [h, f] = freqz(B, A, N, fs);
> eval('gset terminal windows');
> eval('gset title "A-weighting Cureve Frequecny Response"');
> eval('gset grid');
> eval('gset nokey');
> semilogx(f, 20*log10(abs(h)));
> %print plot to PNG pic file
> eval('gset terminal png');
> eval('gset output "myplot.png"')
> replot
> else
> % Matlab code
> end
Just a quick observation. If Octave and Matlab were compiled instead of
interpreted, this approach wouldn't be possible at all. A compiler would
choke when it saw the other language's instruction set in the if statement.
Are there potential syntax checking problems that could derail this

Joe Koski

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