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Installing Octave 2.1.57 on Redhat 9

From: Robert French
Subject: Installing Octave 2.1.57 on Redhat 9
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 13:07:29 -0500

I recently started experimenting with Octave, as it appears to have some nice capabilities in the image processing area.  The version that came with the Redhat 9 distribution (2.1.40) seems to have a few quirks when displaying images, so I decided to try a newer version (2.1.57).   I built this from source, and this appeared to build ok without apparent errors, and did solve the problems that I had experienced with the 2.1.40 version when displaying images.  However, when attempting to run a fft (eg: Y=fft(x,512);), Octave dies with a segmentation fault.


I had previously tried to install a Mandrake 2.1.57 Octave RPM, since the latest RPM that I can find for Redhat is version 2.1.40.  The Mandrake RPM installed ok, but Octave would not start, giving the following error when invoked: 

“relocation error: /usr/lib/octave-2.1.57/ symbol sys_siglist, version GLIBC_2.3.3 not defined in file with link time reference”.


I’m looking for advice on how to best get a recent version of Octave working on my system.  Is there a way to troubleshoot the segmentation fault to determine its cause? Or, is there a fairly recent version of a pre-built Octave that is known to work with RH9?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!



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