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Sending Calculated File Names to gnuplot

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Sending Calculated File Names to gnuplot
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 09:56:30 -0600
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I'm trying to set up a separate standalone loop in Octave that is dedicated
solely to making Adobe Illustrator (gset term aifm) copies of some
multiframe plots. The plot arrangement is the same for each plot page with
three subplots, but the number of plot pages varies with the run. I would
prefer to calculate the file name with a statement such as

   graph_file = (['Mode_',int2str(i),'.ai']);

which gives me the file name that I want. My question: What is the best way
to feed the calculated file name to gnuplot? I've tried "gset output
graph_file" with and without quotes around graph_file. With quotes, it gives
me an output file called graph_file, as expected. Without quotes, Octave
complains. Is there a non-gnuplotism to do this. How about a "sprintf"
workaround? I tried with sprintf, but no cigar, yet.

Joe Koski

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