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Can't read file with fopen and fscanf fails

From: Ricardo Carvalho
Subject: Can't read file with fopen and fscanf fails
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 20:33:25 +0100

I installed GNU OCTAVE 2.1.50 for Windows and created the directory 'D:\GNU
Octave 2.1.50\opt\octave\share\octave\2.1.50\m\harmgen\'. Then I copied 2
files to that directory: 'harmgen.m' and 'oct_input.txt' (text file with
numbers). At the OCTAVE prompt I wrote  harmgen (script presence is
recognised, no path problems) and the first line of the script was executed
but the second failed (error is 'inf= - 1'). The script file I created has
no headers (are they necessary?) and is like this:

silent_functions = 1
inf = fopen ("oct_input.txt", "r");
Nc = fscanf (inf, "%u", 1)

etc, etc, etc....

I then uninstalled OCTAVE for Windows and reinstalled but file presence is
still not recognised/located. In a previous instalation I was able to read
the file into memory - don't ask me why/how - but, even then, the following
instruction (Nc=fscanf...) failed.

Please help. Thanks, Ricardo Carvalho (Lisbon, Portugal)

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