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Plots vs. 3D matrices

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Plots vs. 3D matrices
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 18:43:54 -0700
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With Octave 2.1.55, I'm adapting a Matlab script that uses 3D matrices. I
have a plot command that looks like this


which gives errors of the type

gnuplot> pl '/var/tmp/oct-VCIiXm' t "line 1"
         line 0: Can't plot with an empty y range!

If I copy t and mps into local vectors, the problem seems to disappear, at
least for that one line, but there are many such occurrences.

My questions:

1) Is this a known problem with octave-2.1.55? (or is it something else?)

2) Is my diagnosis correct? It appears the plot command doesn't want to copy
the matrix values into local vectors for plotting with gnuplot. It could
also be a parsing error caused by that extra ,i in the line.

3) Has this been corrected in later versions of octave?


Joe Koski

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