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Re: Another newbie question

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Another newbie question
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 09:58:12 -0500

On 31-Jul-2003, Fausto Arinos de A. Barbuto <address@hidden> wrote:

|          Thank you, but I learnt that already. :-) What intrigues me
| is why does Octave show so many inexact, deceiving digits after
| the 15th decimal place.

Because that's what the C/C++ library functions do if you ask for
extra precision.

| Take Excel as an example. One can increase
| the floating point representation of any real number by as many
| decimal places as he/she wants. However, only zeroes are shown
| from the 14th decimal place on. It also marvels me that a much-
| less-than-professional program such as Windows Calculator can
| represent real numbers with 31 exact decimal places -- and Octave
| can't.

If you are trolling, find another venue.  If you have a real proposal
for improving things, submit a patch.

|          For the time being, a warning in Octave's manual would
| suffice. That can be easily done -- or can't?

Sure.  Submit a patch for the docs if you want to contribute and help
improve Octave.


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