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RE: Very basic question

From: pben
Subject: RE: Very basic question
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 07:39:00 -0500

Hello Uli,

If you really need to _convolve_ two signals, then the dot product won't do that for you (unless you write the convolution routine yourself). There are different flavors of convolution--continuous (for which matrices won't help), discrete, and circular discrete name a few.

Many use the conv.m in Matlab and Octave, perhaps that will help you.

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          Ulrich Grassberger <address@hidden>

          07/30/2003 08:39 PM

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Subject: RE: Very basic question


I need to convolute two signals, that is the dot product. The
documentation for Octave is a bit unclear about this at because it presumes that
the reader already knows higher math.


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