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Matrix benchmark

From: nwerneck
Subject: Matrix benchmark
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 15:12:15 -0300
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Here is my machine, a Pentium 4. I've just compiled 2.1.50 with BLAS,
atlas-SSE and libpack libraries available from Debian. These are the
best times I got:

GNU Octave, version 2.1.50 (i686-pc-linux-gnu).
octave-2.1.50:1> A = rand (1000,1000);
octave-2.1.50:2> tic; B = A*A; toc
ans = 1.9340
MATLAB Version (R12) on GLNX86
>> A = rand(1000,1000);
>> tic; B=A*A; toc
elapsed_time =

I declare a tie. Now watch this:

octave-2.1.50:35> A = rand(2048,2048);
octave-2.1.50:36> tic; B=fft(A); toc
ans = 0.84838

>> A = rand(2048,2048);
>> tic; B=fft(A); toc  
elapsed_time =

What is wrong? I compiled it with shared swfft... Souldn't I??


Nicolau Werneck <address@hidden>         9F99 25AB E47E 8724 2F71                   EA40 DC23 42CE 6B76 B07F
"The great tragedy of science -- the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an 
ugly fact. "
-- Thomas Huxley

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