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From: Nathan Weisz
Subject: fscanf
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 13:58:49 +0200


I am quite new to Octave and testing some of my Matlab functions. A pretty important one reads offline-analyzed EEG/MEG-data (BESA avr-format). The first line of this file-type includes data-acquisition information (e.g. sampling rate, offset). Using the strtok-function provided by P. Kienzle I have no problems reading these.

However when it comes to reading the actual data, Octave returns an empty matrix.
The procedure is as follows:
octave:192> [data,count] = fscanf(fid, "%f", [nr_timepoints, Inf])
data = [](0x1)
count = 0

--> where nr_timepoints = 70
--> various attempts (e.g. using " instead of ' failed
--> there seem to be no problem with the fid
octave:193> fid
fid =
  id = 11
  name = /Studien/AUF/MNE/kon8/kon8_6000SSF.avr
  mode = r
  arch = native
  status = open

This is probably a pretty simple promblem, however I seem to naive to solve it quickly. Does somebody have a quick hint?


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