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Matrix multiplication benchmark - Octave vs. Matlab

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Matrix multiplication benchmark - Octave vs. Matlab
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 20:55:36 -0500

On 27-Jul-2003, Zdenek Hurak <address@hidden> wrote:

| Any comments to the pasted mini-benchmark results Octave vs. Matlab? Matlab 
| 6.x relies strongly on Atlas when it comes to multiplication of matrices. I 
| have heard that this is also the case with Octave. Why are the results 
| (computation times) so different? 
| >>ver
| MATLAB Version (R13)
| >> A = rand(500,500);
| >> tic, B = A*A; toc,
| elapsed_time =
|     0.7135
| octave:13> version
| ans = 2.1.36
| octave:14> A = rand(500,500);
| octave:15> tic, B = A*A; toc,
| ans = 8.4542

Is your copy of Octave actually linked with the Atlas library?  I
would guess not if it is that much slower.


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