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Re: matrix of variables? <- thanks

From: jdonner
Subject: Re: matrix of variables? <- thanks
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 18:53:39 -0500
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Jeff wrote:
 I'm trying to solve a non-linear equation with 25 vars,
and it works when I number them from x(1) .. x(25) but,
they naturally are a 2D array of variables, is there some way I can I use matrix notation for convenience?
When I try to say this:
function y = f (x)
g = 0.9;
# center parts
y(2,2) = -1 * x(2,2) + (1/4)*g*(x(1,2) + x(2,1) + x(2,3) + x(3,2));
y(2,3) = -1 * x(2,3) + (1/4)*g*(x(1,3) + x(2,2) + x(2,4) + x(3,3));
... more

I get:
error: invalid column index = 2
error: evaluating binary operator `*' near line 4, column 13
error: evaluating binary operator `+' near line 4, column 22
error: evaluating assignment expression near line 4, column 8
error: called from `f'
error: fsolve: evaluation of user-supplied function failed

Is there a way to do this?

Heber Farnsworth wrote:
Define x as a vector and then reshape it into a matrix within the function.

x = reshape(x,5,5);

Thanks for that. Also, zeros(5,5) works as far as declaring x and y as 2D. I have to reshape at the end (I think) but at least octave is not complaining. Thanks again,

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