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using octave library for other programs

From: Landschuetzer, Herwig
Subject: using octave library for other programs
Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 01:27:04 -0500


Two questions:
1) I would like to use Octave's Vector, Matrices classes in own programs.

But linking the libraries libcruft, liboctave leads to linking errors like:

undefined reference to 'do_fio', 'z_sqrt', unstifle_history, .......

Are there any other libraries to link with??

2) I wrote a thermodynamic library - compiled it as shared library. How can
dynamic loading of the modules be done in Octvae when I for instance write
an oct file which I like to run in Octave. Do I have to recompile and link
the whole Octave with this library again.

Best regards for Your help

Herwig Landsh├╝tzer

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