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octave 2.1.48

From: Dr. Michael Martins
Subject: octave 2.1.48
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 12:57:19 +0200
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I have just installed the new version 2.1.48, however I have some problems and 

1)  LOADPATH does not seems to work. octave 2.1.48 can not find any files in 
the LOADPATH variable. 2.1.46 worked fine with the same .octaverc file

2) Is saving of structs no implemented ? I checked the list and found some 
messages, that saving structs works in the 2.1.x versions. However, neither 
in 2.1.48 or in 2.1.46 this works for me.

May be these problems are due to the "old" 2.95 gcc compiler ? I haven't 
upgraded to 3.2.x, because I don't need it. However if octave will compile 
only nicely against 3.2.x I have to do it. Thank you for every help in 


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