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Re: gset label variables

From: Ben Harris
Subject: Re: gset label variables
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 10:25:10 -0600

Hello there,

Did you find the source of the attached error yet? Looks like you are
running into a known bug that appears only in only certain distributions
of Octave. I ran into this problem myself when trying to use epstk.

The bug is that sprintf will return at the most 99 characters. IIRC this
bug is not reproducible in a conventional sense--it may not show up on
Octave 2.1.37 on a Debian machine but it might show up on 2.1.35 on a
RedHat machine. This problem is more strongly correlated to which compiler
produced the version of Octave you used. For me, the problem occured on
Octave. 2.1.37 as distributed with RedHat 8.0. My guess is that RH used gcc
3.2 to compile it. So my fix was actually quite a lazy one... I removed the
RPM and replaced it with a 2.1.35 RPM. My guess was the RH used gcc 2.95 or
the like to compile that RPM.

Hope this helps,
Ben Harris

                      "Haddox, Randal P                                         
                      (Contractor-NTA)"                  To:       
                      <address@hidden         <address@hidden>                  
            >                        cc:                    
                                                         Subject:  gset label 
                      03/12/2003 01:52 PM                                       

I want to plot an int label at each XY point, and I am using the following
code w/o success:

prn_label = sprintf ('%d ', f1);
x_pos = sprintf ('%g ', f2);
y_pos = sprintf ('%g ', f3);
eval (['gset label 6 "',prn_label,'" at "',x_pos,"','",y_pos,'"']);

Output to the screen:

gnuplot> set label 6 "4 7 8 11 26 27 28 29 " at "-5.18 -23.55 23.2 54.13
-60.08 34.28 6.91 -60.25 ','-81.91 -9.64 -25.51 31.13 20.57 -45.2 28.49
3.81 "
         line 0: invalid expression

I'd appreciate any help.


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