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Re: octave source code

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: octave source code
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 08:52:24 -0600
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According to branganj <address@hidden> (on 03/14/03):
> Hello,
> I am a final year student in Computer Engineering.  My project is to modify 
> or 
> add to octave code using the mpi interface, to get it to perform one job 
> using 
> several processors, instead of one.  
> I need to change one function of octave, at least.
> I've been looking for where it performs a multiply matrix, and keep thinking 
> I've found it or am nearly there, but run into some difficulties.  
> That's when I was wondering if there was any maps available of the code, part 
> or whole, or even if you could easily tell me where multiply matrix is done, 
> the actual cell by cell stuff?????????
> I just thought, because where I was working last summer, gave me a map of the 
> databases and so I just thought I might as well ask.
> I mean anything at all would be a help.
> Thank-you very much for your time,

As matrix multiple is done by the fortran BLAS code, what you want is a
parallel version of BLAS to link octave against. Some vendor math libraries 
already have this.


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