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plotting question

From: Jonathan Nichols
Subject: plotting question
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 16:37:29 -0800
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hello all,

i have a plotting question that i was wondering if you could help with. i have a set of x,y pairs, each of which has a z value. i would like to create a 2-D plot where every x,y pair has a point associated with it, whose color indicates the magnitude of the z value.

ideally, i would like to be able to use the colormap feature so that i can use any color for the points. if this is possible, how do i tell the plot function to use a color from the colormap? or is it done with the gset command?

if this is not possible, i can use the format feature of the plot() fuction which gives me a choice of one of the red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, brown colors.

   one of the methods i have tried is the following:

   hold on


the problem with this is that it puts a plot legend in the upper right hand corner of the plot. since there are hundreds of points in this dataset, the entire plot is covered with "line 123" legend text.
   if i use the above method, how do i get rid of the legend text?



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