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A question about downloading

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: A question about downloading
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 10:20:14 -0600

On  9-Mar-2003, Nicholas P. M. Longo (aka Nicholas P. Michalowski) 
<address@hidden> wrote:

| This question is of no real consequence, but I noticed that when I use cvs 
| to checkout the octave sources I get version 2.1.45 and when I go to the 
| ftp site I notice version 2.1.46 is a available there. Is the cvs version 
| usually a bit behind the ftp version.  Or am I not using/understanding cvs 
| correctly.

The anonymous CVS archive is a mirror of the actual CVS tree used for
development.  It should be up to date (within about 5 minutes, which
is the interval used for rsyncing the two trees).  The problem was
that some files systems were recently rearranged and that broke the
the rsync.  It should be fixed now.  Thanks for pointing it out.


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