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[Fwd: Re: multiple problems with audio toolbox]

From: Dmitri A. Sergatskov
Subject: [Fwd: Re: multiple problems with audio toolbox]
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 18:25:27 -0700
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Paul Kienzle wrote:
> It seems that popen is broken:
> octave:1> fid=popen('cat > out','w');
> octave:2> fwrite(fid,1,'double');
> octave:3> pclose(fid);
> octave:4> system('ls -l out');
> -rw-rw-r--    1 pkienzle pkienzle        0 Mar  1 19:46 out

I have the same results here w/ 2.1.45 and gcc 3.2.0 (RH 8.0)

>> First of all, 'file_in_loadpath' now wants at least two arguments:
>> (Similar problem with demo in soundsc.m file). Modified the line
>> accordingly:
> Are you certain?  It works in 2.1.44 and the code
> for 2.1.45 looks like it should handle it too.
octave:42> [x,fs]=auload(file_in_path(""));
(display help page and then:)

error: `path' undefined near line 53 column 16
error: evaluating argument list element number 1
error: evaluating assignment expression near line 53, column 7
error: called from `auload' in file 

also 'help file_in_path':

  - Built-in Function:  file_in_path (PATH, FILE)
  - Built-in Function:  file_in_path (PATH, FILE, "all")

octave:43> [x,fs]=auload(file_in_path(".", ""));

Works fine.

Also plotting w/ gnuplot works fine -- I thought it relies on popen as well...

> Paul Kienzle
> address@hidden



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