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Re: moving from matlab to octave

From: Luis Ernesto Carrera Retana
Subject: Re: moving from matlab to octave
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 16:29:29 -0600


I'm new in the list, and new using Octave, but i was trying to see 

whats happens. I don't know this functions ode45 and lsode, but i was 

seeing the help of both of them, and i found this:

About ode45 said:

[tout, xout] = ode45(F, tspan, x0, ode_fcn_format, tol, trace, 


Call: xprime = fun(t,x) where F = 'fun'.

t - Time (scalar).

x - Solution column-vector.

xprime - Returned derivative COLUMN-vector; xprime(i) = 



and about lsode:

lsode (FCN, X0, T, T_CRIT)

XDOT = f (X, T)

where XDOT and X are vectors and T is a scalar.


observe first that the order of the inputs are different; later, the 

function in the first case is f(t,x) and in the second case is 

f(x,t). Both of this things are easy to fix. But the last one i don't 

know how: in the first case we are talking about COLUMN-vector, while 

in the second case about vectors.

I hope this could help, at least to know why this didn't work.


Anyway, why did you use different command in octave, if ode45 also

works in octave?



Luis Carrera

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

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