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Re: [ANNOUNCE] an octave wiki

From: D. Goel
Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCE] an octave wiki
Date: 18 Feb 2003 11:15:39 -0500
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Greetings everyone!

and thanks for the positive comments and suggestions.  Hope the wiki
grows quickly into something useful.  

saw several of you on the wiki :)  Welcome!   

I wanted to comment on several issues, have copied some of them over to
WikiDiscussion at

[0] One cool phenomenon with emacs wiki, IME, is that we have an
infobot (fsbot) that indexes the wiki.. lots of people hang out on
#emacs on .. the bot makes looking for relevant emacs
info on emacswiki very easy for users.. the bot and wiki thus feed
each other..  So, I invite you all to hang out on #octave at (6667) ..  If you don't have a favorite IRC client
(mine is ERC), try and download xchat.

> (1) How permanent is the site?

I don't see any reason for it to go down. has been
around for a while.  If anything ever goes wrong, I can always host
the wiki myself on or, where several other
wikis are hosted.

> (2) How mobile is the wiki?  If the site goes
> down, can we start it up somewhere else?


> (3) Are you preserving a changelog so that
> we can back out changes when the spammers
> discover that they can automatically post
> ads in a wiki?

Yes.  With each page, you can view "previous editions".  If anyone
defaces any page, you can simply click edit, view the previous edition
in another window, and copy over the previous content from there to
the new page.  You can also view arbitrary diffs.

Surprisingly I have never seen any advertizers or anyone  spam
emacswiki with any OT stuff.. 

> (4) Can you set a mail interface so that when
> responding to questions on the mailing list,
> I can CC the wiki?  

> Or is that too ambitious?

Ambitious, sure, but a good idea nonetheless.
I shall look into that though an answer either way may take some time.

> Some content to get you started:

thanks, Paul.


>One issue however. WHen moving around the site i would occasionally
get locked out with a message like:
>Too many connections by

that problem is now corrected, thanks

Andy writes:

>Is it possible to have a cvs backup of the wiki?
> Ideally, we could back it up to

I started discussing this on

The upshot so far is that Edward will create a tarball every week or
so, which I (and anyone else interested) can retrieve and store
backups..  There's always a google cache. 

But I am not aware of a way to CVS-ize the backup.  If you know,
please comment on that page, and help us set up a way :)


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