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Re: Some more decimals

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: Some more decimals
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 09:33:47 -0500
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Ricardo Cervera wrote:

El sáb, 15-02-2003 a las 00:33, Paul Kienzle escribió:
Etienne Grossmann wrote:

#       At last, I'm thinking in writing a document in order to help people
# like me to get using Octave soon, explaining things at a more basic
# level. If I do, would you help me?

Send us the drafts (or links to the drafts).

Or put them on octave-forge so that others can contribute.

Or a version-controlled wiki if someone will set it up.  The source forge
environment supports wikis, but I'm just as happy not being too
dependent on features of source forge.

        So, do you think a wiki is a good idea?

With good editors yes.  If nobody changes the words that others
write, then a threaded mail archiver like that in google groups
does just as good a job.

Google groups in particular.  The one in e.g.,
is much less useful. Being able to read the next/prev messages
in the thread without clicking is very useful.  Anyone know of such
a tool?  Preferably one that can tie into search?

        I have a webserver (I may be able to set it up) but, which do you think
it should be the best way to handle users and permissions? Never used
sourceforge before. Anyway, your suggestions are welcome.
Anyone should be able to post changes and
all changes should be logged so that if there
is a problem we can back out the changes
and put user restrictions in place.

Is it feasible to make a mail gateway?
There should be some sort of tracking
mechanism which people can subscribe to.
Those with too much time on their hands
(the editors) could receive a diff for each
change as it happens.  Others could receive
daily or weekly summaries.  Others could
receive updates on pages they have editted.

Paul Kienzle

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