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Re: polyfit weirdness

From: Scott Lamb
Subject: Re: polyfit weirdness
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 10:25:12 -0600
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Etienne Grossmann wrote:
     A problem with order of magnitude of f1 and floating-point

octave:63> f1 /= 1e14;
octave:64>      [p1,cv1] = polyfit(f1,v1,1)'
p1 =


cv1 =

  0.66528  0.79417  1.37189  1.59260  1.92606

     Is that more like what you expected?

Yes, it is, thanks.

I'm a little disappointed Octave has this problem; I'd assumed it would be using gmp or something for arbitrary precision. Oh well.

Scott Lamb

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