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late Re: A Simple Matrix Construction Question

From: alrl1
Subject: late Re: A Simple Matrix Construction Question
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 14:09:42 MET

Sorry about the delay, but I think my answer worths it:
If you pretend to do the following:

        A_mxn = B_mxc .* C_cxn

and C is a 1xn row/column vector, you can do this

        A_mxn = B_mxc * diag(C_1xn)

instead of 

        A_mxn = B_mxc .* C_1xn(1:c,1)

It's the solution to a problem I had some days ago.
> There is probably a really simple way to do the
> following, but I'm suffering from a mental block.
> I have a row array 'Y' of arbitrary length, 1xn.
> I want to create an mxn matrix where all of the rows
> are the same as 'Y'.
> Of course, I want to do this without resorting to
> loops.
> Thanks in advance.

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