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Re: 3d plotting, griddata and deluanayn

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: 3d plotting, griddata and deluanayn
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 21:28:47 -0500
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If you are on Windows, you will need to first figure out how to compile
qhull for Windows.  We haven't done so yet.

If you are on unix, follow the octave-forge/main/geometry/readme instructions for installing qhull. I haven't tried yet with the most recent qhull release.

Download the correct version of octave-forge ( for your particular version of octave (the latest is for octave 2.1.40 I believe --- if you are using
something more recent, you will need to get the CVS version).

   make install

griddata does not work as quickly as I would like.  Talk to the
qhull author about how to improve it if it is not fast enough for

Andrass Ziska Davidsen wrote:

However, I have found a function called griddata, which seems to do what I want, but it in turn uses the function delaunayn, which I do not have. I have managed to find a cc file on the repoitory, bit I do not know how to compile it.

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