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Octave on Alpha Tru64

From: Alexander Grigo
Subject: Octave on Alpha Tru64
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 05:54:34 -0600


I'm trying to get Octave running on Alpha/Tru64. I downloaded 2.1.43.tar.bz2
unpacked it, updated kpathsea using (cd kpathsea && autoconf).
Then ran ./configure --enable-dl --disable-share --enable-static
with CC=cc CXX=cxx F77=f77 set as environment variables (to use
the DEC-compiler). And it just worked, BUT....
After starting octave I can do some basic things like a=[1,0;0,1].
But as soon as I try to use one of the DLD_functions, e.g. det or rand
I get the linker/loader error message:

501289:/scratch/alex/octave/bin/octave: /sbin/loader: Fatal Error: Reference to 
unresolvable symbol "value__C3DETXv" in 

Funny enough, mkoctfile -> hello.oct *works* when executed
within octave.

It seems, that the DLD_functions are always shared objects (at least
the compiler printout said cxx -shared ....), even though I used
--disable-share when configuring, but they were build with
wrong compiler flags.

I played around with just building det.oct by hand as a shared object
and just move it to its place, but always the same loader error....
I also used some -rpath and -loctave -lcruft flags, but no improvements.
Also strange seems to me, that you can reduce the unresolved symbols by
using -loctave and -lcruft, but when using -loctave -lcruft -loctinterp
the linker complains about multiple (different ?) definitions of
a certain number of symbols..... that odd, isn't it?

So after playing around for 2 weeks without any improvements I *really*
need some help....


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