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Combining histograms and function plots

From: Toke Reichstein
Subject: Combining histograms and function plots
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 15:45:47 +0100 (MET)


I am using Octave simply as a data handler and for minor calculations. I
also use it as a tool for graphical illustartion of data structures. And
it is in this resepct I have problem.

I am making histogram plots of some simulation generated data. These are
supposed to be normally distributed. I would like to combine my formal
statistical test with a visual plot of the data. But ontop of the
histogram I would also like to have the normal distribution function
drawn. It is in this resepct I am experiencing problems.

Q1: How do I plot a normal distribution function with the mean and
standard deviation of my data in Octave?

Q2: How do I plot it ontop of my histogram plots?

Hope you are able to help me. I have been going through both the
gnuplot manual and the Octave manual. I have no problem plotting in
Gnuplot. But it seems the procedure is well hitten in the Octave manual.

Thanx in advance for responding.


Toke Reichstein                             Aalborg University
Cand. Oecon. (M.Sc. Economics)              Department of Business Studies
Ph.D. Student                               Fibigerstraede 4
e-mail  : address@hidden                    9220 Aalborg Oe
Homepage:   Denmark
Fax: +45 98156013                           Phone   : +45 96358241

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