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passing values to function

From: Paolo Ariano
Subject: passing values to function
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 10:10:07 -0600

hi * (all)

thanks for the suggestions on fitting, now i'm integrating a lot of data
in single files and i ought to write a to make it automatic but
at the moment i can't understand how to pass a value to a function
defined to be integrated:

at the moment i define the function and put the value that change for
every set of data (in this case is 0.051165):

function y = f (x)
  y =(x/0.051165**2)*exp(-x**2/(2*0.051165**2)) ;

and then 

for i=1:columns(l)
[v(i)] = quad ("f", l(i), l(i+1));

i'd like to put all in a function but how to put the right function in
"f" and to pass the value as a variable ?

thanks a lot

probably is not so clear
Paolo Ariano                                  
Neuroscience PhD Student                      
DBAU & INFM Turin (Italy)                     

La liberta' in coppia si dimezza -- Io  

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