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octave plots and psfrag

From: Iago Mosqueira
Subject: octave plots and psfrag
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 06:16:41 -0600


I am trying to mimic the laprint.m script wrote by Arno Linnemann, which
substitutes each text string in a plot by a sequentially numbered one, and
creates a psfrag file with the appropriate substitution. I am thinking about
three ways of accomplishing this:

(1) a sed or awk script that looks for strings, for example '140.0 0.0 true
true ( 0.1)' is a typical axis label in my system

(2) retrieving in octave all string, through a gnuplot command, and creating
the file there. IS that possible?

(3) same as (1) but in C, so it can be made into an octave function.

I have started with (1), but cannot get sed to change one string at a time.

Has anybody any suggestions on how best to accomplish this?



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