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Difference between octave and octave-atlas?

From: Henry F. Mollet
Subject: Difference between octave and octave-atlas?
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 08:40:35 -0800
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Otave-atlas is being discussed. What's the difference between octave and
octave-atlas. According to below it's the atlas libs. But what is atlas
libs? What are the fast blas and lgpack libs in the atlas package?

[Henry-Mollets-Computer:~] mollet% fink describe octave-atlas
Information about 1785 packages read in 2 seconds.

pkg octave-atlas  version ###
pkg octave-atlas  version 2.1.35-6

octave-atlas-2.1.35-6: Matlab-like language, with atlas libs
 It provides a convenient command line interface for solving linear and
 nonlinear problems numerically, and for performing other numerical
 experiments using a language that is mostly compatible with Matlab.
 It may also be used as a batch-oriented language.
 Octave has extensive tools for solving common numerical linear algebra
 problems, finding the roots of nonlinear equations, integrating ordinary
 functions, manipulating polynomials, and integrating ordinary differential
 and differential-algebraic equations. It is easily extensible and
 customizable via user-defined functions written in Octave's own language,
 or using dynamically loaded modules written in C++, C, Fortran,
 or other languages.
 This version links the fast blas and lapack libs from the atlas package.
 Web site:
 Maintainer: Jeffrey Whitaker <address@hidden>

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Octave's home on the web:
How to fund new projects:
Subscription information:

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