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Re: How to detect terminal type?

From: Peter Brinkmann
Subject: Re: How to detect terminal type?
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 12:27:53 -0600
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Joshua, Miquel,
Thanks for your prompt reply! Unfortunately, neither gshow nor gget will
work for my purposes.

My current situation is this: I'm developing educational software under
Linux, but it also has to work under Windows because that's what most of
my students are using. I was hoping to be able to write some code that
automatically detects, remembers, and resets the terminal type, like

        terminal_type=get_terminal_type();      % remember terminal type
        gset terminal postscript
        ... create postscript output
        gset(['terminal ' terminal_type]);      % reset terminal type

Now it appears that this won't work because gshow only displays its result
but doesn't return a value, and gget only works under *nix, in which
case I already know the result.

I'm afraid I'll have to do something like

        gset terminal postscript
        ... create postscript output
        if running_under_unix
                gset('terminal x11')
                gset('terminal windows')

This is ugly, but I don't see a better solution.

So, my new question is, what's the best way to detect whether my code is
running under *nix or Windows? I guess I could look at the result of
computer(), but I don't know what kind of result it returns when running
under Windows. Can I detect Windows by checking whether
returns a nonzero value, or how should I go about this?

On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 09:21, Peter Brinkmann wrote:
> Hi!
> How can I detect the current terminal type?
> I'm asking because I sometimes need to change the terminal type
> in order to export plots to encapsulated PostScript, using a
> command like
>       gset terminal postscript
> On my Linux box, I can reset the terminal with a command like
>       gset terminal x11
> The problem is that this doesn't work under Windows. So, what
> I'd like to do is the following:
>       1. Detect and remember the current terminal type.
>       2. Export stuff to PostScript.
>       3. Reset the terminal type to what it was before.
> Is this possible at all?
> Thanks,
>       Peter

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