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problem with ppval

From: Mazyar Zeinali
Subject: problem with ppval
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 10:55:15 -0500

Hello all,

I am using octave version 2.1.42 under windows installed from binaries downloaded from Paul Söderlind ( page. I am trying to use the mmspder function to perform cubic spline differentiation. I'm having some problems. I've broken it down to a problem with ppval. So i am using an example in the Mastering Matlab 5 book (isbn 0-13-858366-8) page 214. Here is the run (also, how do I output the workspace erro messages to a fine in windows??):

>> x=0:12;
>> y=tan(pi*x/25);
>> xi=linspace(0,12);
>> pp=spline(x,y);
>> yi=ppval(pp,xi);
error: 'lookup' undefined near line 35 column 11
error: evaluating binary operator '+' near line 35, column 36
error: evaluating assignment expression near line 35, column 9
error: evaluating if command near line 29, column 3
error: called from 'ppval in file '/usr/share/octave/2.1.42/m/splines/ppval.m'
error: evaluating assignment expression near line 28, column 3

Mazyar Zeinali, Ph.D.
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