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Problems with fzero

From: Diego Ruiz Moreno
Subject: Problems with fzero
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 14:58:04 -0300
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Hello all,
   I have a BIG problem with fzero
   I have a "strange" function that is y = x-1.09-2.7217*log(1+(x/2.7217));
When I ask to fzero with a positive initial numbre, let X0= 5, the answer is correct, it is 3.2106, but if I give an negative initial point (-1) the answer is -1.7701 That is not correct, and more if I call it with -5 tyhe answer is -3.2701, and finally if I call it with -51the aswer is correct.
   Could somebody explain to me this behavior ??



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