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NEWBIE very interrested on octave

From: rafaelmorais123
Subject: NEWBIE very interrested on octave
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 22:31:25 -0300


 I'm starting to use octave, and I'm
still using Matlab.
 I have a couple of very basic questions:

1) how can I edit an m file with
Octave? Is there any editor associated?

2) How to add my working directory to
the default path? I assume I have to
change the Variable DEFAULT_LOADPATH,
but how?

3) Is it possible to run a Matlab
toolbox under Octave? for example the
Mapping toolbox?

4) Is there any Octave counterpart for
the Mapping Toolbox? Any of you guys
using maps on Octave?

Thanks for your help

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