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getting graph coordinates and others

From: Jérôme LEFEVRE
Subject: getting graph coordinates and others
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 21:49:40 +1100

I 'm new octave user and i try to adapt matlab tool with octave and gnuplot. Tools are mesh builder and tide analyser for oceanographic and finite element model purpose.
My main problem is with interactive dialog between octave and gnuplot, specialy with getting graph coordinates from plot.
With ginput, i can get screen ccordinates, but not directly "real" graph coordinates.
In a other hand, new gnuplot package (3.8) integrate mouse support, which allow user to zoomin, grab a point from plot with pointer and so on.
In gnuplot help, man can read clipboard notion too.
I have played a little around octave and gnuplot, but i don't interstand how to act interactively between octave and gnuplot new feature. I think that there is a mean to get or copy graph coordinates toward octave, but i don't know how.
Anybody has an idea or a trick ??
In FAQ, contributor and developper reffer others plot package, like plplot or pgplot.
Do these plot pakage really support getting "real" graph coordinates and act interactivily with octave ?
Matlab Toolbox from DARTMOUTH Numerical and Mathematical Laboratory are using to generate and edit Finite Element Mesh.
Slowy, i adapt program and function with octave, but i fear to meet problem with calculation time consumption. I work with large matrice (200000 - 500000 rows) and i will request octave for work like editing, interpolation, renumbering, bandwith reduction, refinment and diagnostic and final mesh plotting.
Will Octave bring off this challenge ?
Many thanks for your hint.
Best regards.
Jerome Lefevre.

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